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All 17 DVDs in the 2012 Collection - $150.00
12-01 Keynote Address: Wayne E. Smyth
Under One Wing
12-02 Caroline Efstathion M.S.
Vector-Borne Avian Diseases
12-03 Steve Milpacher
Conservation of the Critically Endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo (Cacatua sulphurea)
12-04 Dr. Cromwell Purchase
Reproductive Research Strategies for Spix's Macaws
12-05 Alycia Antheunisse
Breeding Lories and Lorikeets for the Pet Trade
12-06 Rainer Neimann, Ph.D.
With All Senses
12-07 Patricia Sund
The Chop Revolution: A Method of Feeding Your Birds Without Losing Your Mind
12-08 Hilla Neimann, MSc Biology
The Power of Keeping Parrots as Pets
12-09 Barbara Heidenreich
What Makes an Expert an Expert?
12-10 Caroline Efstathion M.S.
Understanding Insecticides and Their Role in Aviculture
12-11 Walt Frey, Ph.D.
Adventures Studying the Recovery of the Red-vented Cockatoo in the Philippines
12-12 Barbara Heidenreich
Training for Conservation: Kakapo Recovery
12-15 Barbara Heidenreich
A Good Start to a Good Bird, Raising and Training a Great Companion Parrot
12-16 Hilla Neimann, MSc Biology
The Pitfalls of Parrot Training
12-17 Sharman Hoppes, DVM, ABVP (Avian)
Treatment of Mega-bacteria
12-18 Donald Brightsmith, Ph.D.
The Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center at Texas A&M University: 25 Years of Research and Service to the Aviculture Community
12-19 Linda S. Rubin
A Discussion on the Genetics of the New "Golden" Macaw Mutation