About the American Federation of Aviculture

The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) is a nonprofit national organization established in 1974, whose purpose is to represent all aspects of aviculture and to educate the public about keeping and breeding birds in captivity.

AFA has a membership consisting of bird breeders, pet bird owners, avian veterinarians, pet/bird store owners, bird product manufacturers, and other people interested in the future of aviculture.

AFA defines anyone keeping exotic birds in captivity as an "aviculturist" but AFA advocates that this designation carries with it certain responsibilities transcending those of the owners of domesticated pets like dogs and cats.

AFA believes holders of exotic birds need to be aware of the special needs of the species they hold, be aware of their conservation status, up-to-date research findings enhancing the well-being of the birds, and the state and federal regulations pertaining to exotic birds.

What are AFA's Educational Tools?

  • AFA publishes an educational journal called the Watchbird, long recognized as the premier journal of its type;
  • AFA conducts an Annual Convention including a 3- to 4-day-long series of lectures by world authorities and experts on the husbandry, health and conservation status of exotic birds in captivity and in the wild;
  • AFA, from time-to-time, publishes special publications addressing timely issues e.g. "A Portfolio of Endangered Species", "Birds in the Classroom", and other publications;
  • AFA has developed an online, self-paced program to educate aviculturists.  Click the logo below to learn more about the Fundamentals of Aviculture!

Fundamentals of Aviculture