AviMate 3 for Windows - v3.00.63
Product Information

AviMate 3 is the Windows-based bird breeder management tool designed to save you time and to aid you in making informed decisions--no more fumbling with index cards and log books!

Developed with the help of numerous professional breeders including noted avicultural expert Rick Jordan, author of Parrot Incubation Procedures and co-author of Parrot Handfeeding and Nursery Management.

As a third generation software program, AviMate is loaded with features requested by those in the real world of commercial exotic bird breeding:

  • Easy-to-use databases covering all aspects of bird husbandry--Breeder Inventory, Clutch Activities, and Nursery Inventory.
  • Contact Log to store key information about customers, suppliers, breeder sources, veterinarians, and others.
  • Versatile Invoice Generation and tailorable Expense Record Keeping services. Generate invoices, pulling data from nursery and breeder stock. Invoices are fully editable and support multiple payments and refunds.
  • Automatic creation of information as you record your day-to-day activities.
    • Hatch dates automatically estimated as you enter eggs in a clutch. AviMate uses typical incubation periods.
    • Hatch Reminder screen available at startup to help you keep abreast of upcoming hatches.
    • AviMate automatically adjusts Nursery and Breeder inventories when you invoice your sales. If the sale is to a new customer, it asks permission to send the customer information to Contact Log!
    • Production history is automatically created behind the scenes for each breeder pair. AviMate reports number of clutches, eggs per clutch, hatches per clutch, and chicks per clutch during the current year and based on historical averages. It even shows you the percentage of eggs that became chicks year-to-date and on average! Now you have accurate data to compare current production with past performance.
    • Chick information from Clutch Activities is automatically transferred to the Nursery Inventory.
  • AviMate has many other time savers.
    • Dropdown lists and dropdown calendars. Just point and click your mouse to create and update much of the information AviMate uses.
    • Clutch, Nursery, and Breeder services have access to 370 species/subspecies compiled by Rick Jordan. Now you can easily categorize your birds with common names and their official Latin names (genus, species, and subspecies).
    • Extract Information buttons. Extract information in one database for immediate use in another.
    • Bird Search service. Quickly locate any bird in your Nursery or Breeder inventories by band number, microchip ID, or cage number.
    • Options Wizard. Easily customize your copy of AviMate with its many optional features.
    • Toolbar for power users.
  • Journal services in every major database provide a convenient way to capture bird feeding habits, medical conditions, breeding patterns, personality traits, etc. Use these notes to make timely, informed breeding decisions.
  • 51 different reports to serve virtually every breeder need.
    • Detail reports on individual records.
    • Summary reports sorted, grouped, and filtered in thousands of different ways to help you spot key trends and problems. Find key information and relationships quickly even if you have hundreds, or thousands, of birds!
    • Hatch certificates to provide with your baby bird at time of sale. The certificate can even be printed with your own logo on it!
    • Payment History report and receipts for partial payments.
    • Progeny and Pedigree reports to track family relationships.
  • Full featured Daily Planner, color-coded with daily task, monthly calendar, and yearly calendar views. Let AviMate alert you about upcoming bird shows, customer appointments, supply checks, etc. during any half-hour period. Configure the program so that bird calls or other sound effects accompany your alerts (requires a sound card).
  • Tailorable password protection. Require a password to enter AviMate or restrict access only within sensitive areas, such as the invoice and expense record services.
  • Archive and Unarchive services. Keep active databases focused with up-to-date information by moving old data (past clutch activity, year-old invoices and expenses, etc.) into Archive databases. View the Archives only when you want to look at historical data.
  • Backup services. Maintain backup databases on any available drive. Protect against extensive data losses from a power outage while working in AviMate or against other unforeseen catastrophes! AviMate now backs up and restores using zip compression technology. This makes your backup file less than 10% of its original size!
  • Training and Help services to learn about AviMate as you use it!
    • Extensive set of Tips available at startup so you can discover AviMate features and productivity suggestions.
    • Over 140 topics in the on-line, context-sensitive help system.

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