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Last Updated 11/14/2014

For sale, male hyacinth macaw, female green wing macaw, female rose breasted cockatoo, and female major mitchell cockatoo. these have been my pets for 20 year, and I need a good home for them. price is negotiable for a good home. Stainless steel cages and stands included. Bruce delray beach, florida (561) 212-0703 cell  [1214]

Birds For Sale - 2014 Black Palm Aterrimus Cockatoo female weaned. Microchip and health warrantee inc. 2014 unrelated male and female Ophthalmica (Blue-eyed) Cockatoos. These rare birds must go to a breeder who is willing to become a member of the USFWS and AFA Cooperative Breeding Program. Permits are not required and birds can be shipped interstate. Wanted: Male Hyacinth Macaw, breeder age. Male Goliath Palm Cockatoo. Gang-gang Cockatoos. Mary Ellen - CA 408-373-5494  [1203]

Looking for male rock pebbled. Must be in good feather. Thanks.  [1122]

WANTED: Mature male Red-fronted Macaws. Must have proof of sex, be in good feather & health. Call/Text: Tim Lumpkin @ 985-640-4488 or E-mail:  [1112] 

Wanted: Pair of Yellow-collar Macaws for breeding. Must be in good health. Contact Gene 850-524-3020 or  [1105]

WANTED: Hawk-headed Parrots, females and pairs, must be in good feather and health... Call/Text: Tim Lumpkin @ 985-640-4488 or e-mail:  [1102]