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Last Updated 10/29/2017

Need Moluccan cockatoo males(2) Also :one Triton or Med S.Crest-- Male. I need female Lesser for a very sweet boy who was in virtual isolation for many years. Please use my E-Mail as I am terrible picking up on unidentified callers. Apologies to anyone who tried to call last month. I get LOTS of unsolicited marketing calls.  [1129]

I am desperately looking for a Western grey plantain eater that was hand raised and is tame. Does anybody out there have one or know where I can find one? Thank you so much Fran Andersen 517-235-6061  [1101]

Wanted: Mild mannered Triton or medium sized sulphur crested male cockatoo.  I currently own a small S.C. male, who is 4 inches too short for fertility purposes.  I acquired the female by default, having 30 yrs exerience with MOL2s, but not sulphurs. The female is sexually excited.......someone PLEASE help.    803-736-1682.  Alexis.[0

FEMALE BLUE YELLOW NAPES 2017 HATCH Call Kathleen @ 561-644-5002 Or email to: [0915]

Festive Amazon male 25 years old. Tame, but doesn't cuddle. Talks. No bad language. No screaming. Located in North Florida. Shipping by Delta only. [0907]