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Last Updated 11/16/2015

Wanted breeders Male Timneh Grey, also Male White Bellied Caique.530-620-0888

Sale Mature Blue-headed macaw pair Mature Female Vosmaeri Eclectus for breeder 2014 female Ophthalmica (Blue-eyed) Cockatoo. Be near the first to breed these rare cockatoos in the US. Joining our USFWS approved Cooperative Breeding program will allow you to import other cockatoos that are rare in the US. Permits are not required and birds can be shipped interstate. Wanted Proven Hyacinth macaw male Proven Eclectus female Mary Ellen - Northern CA 408-373-5494  [1204]

Mature Hyacinth male: $7,500 | 2015 Major Mitchells Cockatoo pair: $8,000 | Greater Vasa hen: $600 | 2015 Red Tail Black Cockatoo hen.. tame.  Also have an unrelated male and can sell as a pair. Please inquire | Scarlet Macaw baby: $1,600 | Yellow Bib Lory male: $850 | Please contact Jessica at or 570-730-1366  [1108]

Wanted - Adult femaile red lored amazon parrot, I have a male and would like to start breeding this species  contact George boscoe, 510 407 8274  [1108] 

Wanted: mature female red Lored Amazon parrot for breeding contact George boscoe [1030]