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Last Updated 08/10/2014

Selling OUT 2pr moluccan 1,800.ea, male yellow nape 600., 2male moluccan 800.ea, male umbrella 600., male buffons 2,900., 2male major mitchell toos 2,000.ea, pr major mitchells 3,800., prov pr major mitchells 5,000.00, pr orange wing amz 700., pr green wing macaws 2,400., pr hyacinth macaws 15,000.00, prov pr hyacinths 20,000.00, female rosebreasted too 800., female bare-eyed too 700., many more. Closed aviary 10+yrs Raleigh NC 919-215-2040 Will ship. COME get ALL for huge deal plus supplies  [0910]

Ducorps cockatoo proven pair $1000. Aterrimus Palm Cockatoo Female 2014. Ophthalmica (Blue-eyed) cockatoo female 2014. Buyer must become part of a USFWS cooperative breeding program, but permits are not required. Red-tailed Black Cockatoos. 3 Pairs for breeding. Two are egg laying and 2 males are not tame. Wanted: Proven Male Hyacinth Macaw Gang-gang Cockatoos Palm Cockatoos Mary Ellen, Northern California (408)373-5494  [0903]

Wanted: a young breeding pair of Yellow-collared Macaws. Contact Gene @ 850-524-3020 or  [0903]

2 - March hatched baby Hahn's Macaws. North Florida; $695. Contact Gene @ 850-524-3020 or  [0903]

Baby Buffons(Great Green)Macaws for sale,$2400. Call (225) 766-8355. [0823]

Birds for Sale: Major Mitchell's cockatoos. 2014 hatch, unrelated pairs available. Hand raised and parent reared available. Contact: 405.633.1010 or   Birds Wanted: We are looking for the following breeder birds; Goffins cockatoo - female Triton cockatoo - female Moluccan cockatoo - female Contact: 405.633.1010 or  [0820] 

Hyacinth Macaw Big beautifull 12 year old male. Phlorescent blue and in full breeding colors. Born and raised in a closed aviary. Would like to see him in a breeding situation. Will ship in some circumstances. $11,500 call Bob 907 242 2712 [0820]

Wanted: Buffons Macaws,pairs or singles. Please call (225) 766-8355 [0820]

Looking for a nice brooder. Any used out there? Or recommendations on what brand is good and reliable? [0806] 

EXOTIC BIRD MART - Sunday August 24 9 am to 3 pm Placer County Fairgrounds Roseville CA sponsored by Foothill Bird Fanciers. BIRDS, CAGES, SUPPLIES, TOYS, OTHER BIRD RELATED ITEMS. Contact John York (916) 409-9276 or Blue Wrigley (916) 991-7421. Visit our website at or join us on Facebook  [0423]