AFA Conservation - "Ears for Lear's"

The Lear’s macaw is endangered in its natural habitat in Brazil. Recent conservation efforts have resulted in an increase in the wild population, but now the birds are seeking out new feeding grounds. Lear’s macaws have taken to raiding the corn fields of local farmers; taking corn that is vital to these small farmers and their families. Parrots International, Lymington Foundation, Amigos de las Aves (USA), Nutropica Bird Foods, Brazil, Pennies for Parrots, and AFA are coming together to help protect these birds. A corn subsidy program is underway where sacks of corn are purchased from other areas of Brazil and distributed to these struggling farmers by conservation partners, ECO in Brazil. This ensures the birds are protected instead of exterminated for raiding corn crops. The program is in its eighth successful year.

For every donation of $10 or more, receive a packet of genuine heirloom Blue Hopi Corn seeds for your home garden. Planting and growing Blue Corn is easy and fun for the whole family. Dried Blue Corn ears are beautiful and make great holiday decorations and gifts. Every time you look at your Blue Corn, you'll be reminded of how much we can accomplish when we work together to help parrots in the wild. Thank you for your generous donation to the Ears for Lear’s conservation program!

Rick Jordan, AFA Conservation Committee Chair


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