AFA Conservation

Become an AFA Conservation Partner

Donations of $1000 or more qualify you as an official AFA Conservation Partner. You will be recognized in the AFA Watchbird Journal and on the AFA website in our Conservation site pages. Interested persons or organizations should contact Rick Jordan by email at

Current Projects:

The AFA continues to seek out important research, conservation, or field biology projects that may benefit from our financial assistance. The AFA Conservation committee reviews inquiries or applications each year and decides on the projects that are a good fit with the “mission” of the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc.

Below is a list of links to information about current AFA Conservation projects . Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with these projects and their goals, and please donate to the AFA Conservation Fund so that we can assist these projects and others this year. If you have information on a project that may benefit from AFAs assistance, please visit our pages explaining How to Submit a Conservation Grant Proposal and the Grant Proposal Submission Form, and then contact Rick Jordan by email at, or write to The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. P.O. Box 91717, Austin, TX 78709.

Lear’s Macaw Corn Subsidy Program: Working with partners to supply farms in Brazil with corn that are losing crops to the wild Lear’s macaws.

Tambopata Macaw Project: Assisting in the funding to collect nutritional, nesting, behavioural and general ecology data on macaws in the Tambopata preserve, Tambopata, Peru.