Fundamentals of Aviculture
Fundamentals of Aviculture


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Endangered Bird Survey

AFA is gathering data on ESA (Endangered Species Act) listed parrot species as well as other birds. We hope to use these data to approach the US Fish and Wildlife Service and request lessening of regulatory restrictions. Please take this survey and help us to help aviculture. It will take only minutes and we need to hear from everyone!

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 When dealing with congress, there is strength in numbers. We need you all to join AFA and become a part of this endeavor to de-regulate our birds. Click here to join today.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza & Biosecurity Practices For Aviculturists

In late November 2014, commercial turkey farms located near Abbottsford, British Columbia, Canada began to experience higher than normal mortality rates. Laboratory samples were collected and a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N2 was detected in the turkeys....more

New! AFA's I.D.E.A. Program

Clubs, organizations, schools, animal educators or individuals interested in educating others can help promote aviculture by using our new outreach program, Interactive Display & Exhibit Animals. This program is designed to provide information to anyone who wants to share their love and knowledge of aviculture with others.

New! The Avian Biology Classroom (ABC)

The AFA Education Committee is proud to present our newest effort in providing quality materials to anyone interested in learning more about the avian world.  The Avian Biology Classroom (ABC) is made up of modules authored and compiled by Jason Crean, MA, MS, AFA Education Chair.  These are geared towards classroom teachers, bird club programs, and anyone else interested in learning more about the biology of birds. 

New Release CITES Pin - Blue-fronted Amazon

The Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) is featured on the newest CITES collector pin in the series.  Now available in the AFA Store!

Do You Have a Legislative Issue?

Anyone that needs help or input with legislative issues should click here for important information and contact AFA Legislative Vice President Genny Wall at

Legislative Update - SUCCESS IN VIRGINIA!

We can now keep, breed, sell, and transport our federally listed non-native endangered species of wildlife in Virginia.  Click here to read more.

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Now Available: 2014 Conference DVDs

Didn't make it to the 2014 Educational Conference?  Want to share a particular speaker's presentation with your local bird club?  Looking to add to your private avian library? 

Over 100 titles are now available in our library - order for yourself or your organization.

The 2014 Conference DVDs are now available.  Get yours now!

AFA Disaster Relief

The AFA Disaster Relief Team is ready to assist anyone in need due to a recent weather-related disaster. Contact the AFA Business Office at 512-585-9800 or your Regional Director immediately so that AFA can assist you with your bird-related needs.