Fundamentals of Aviculture
Fundamentals of Aviculture


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AFA Watchbird

Watchbird Volume 40 Number 2-3


Anyone that needs help or input with legislative issues should contact AFA Legislative Vice President Genny Wall immediately at

2014 Educational Conference & Avian Expo

Click here for more information about this year's conference in Portland, Oregon.  Register online now - Early Bird registration ends June 18, 2014!

Great Legislative Team Effort!

In late 2013 AFA members in the Northeastern region reached out to AFA for help in order to try to change a 2013 New Hampshire law that imposed unwarranted burdens on pet bird breeders, sellers, and pet owners in New Hampshire. The members worked with New Hampshire House Representative Jeanine Notter to sponsor a bill to amend various provisions of the law to remove birds from the law. AFA provided a detailed letter of support for the bill and analysis of its impact on bird breeders, sellers, and owners. AFA's letter can be read here.

Ears for Lear's - New AFA Conservation Project

The Lear’s macaw is endangered in its natural habitat in Brazil. Recent conservation efforts have resulted in an increase in the wild population, but now the birds have taken to raiding the corn fields of local farmers; taking corn that is vital to these small farmers and their families. A corn subsidy program is underway where sacks of corn are purchased from other areas of Brazil and distributed to these struggling farmers by conservation partners, ECO in Brazil. This ensures the birds are protected instead of exterminated for raiding corn crops. The program is in its eighth successful year....more

Legislative Update - SUCCESS IN VIRGINIA!

We can now keep, breed, sell, and transport our federally listed non-native endangered species of wildlife in Virginia.  Click here to read more.

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AFA Disaster Relief

The AFA Disaster Relief Team is ready to assist anyone in need due to a recent weather-related disaster. Contact the AFA Business Office at 512-585-9800 or your Regional Director immediately so that AFA can assist you with your bird-related needs.  

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AFA 4 Kidz Essay & Art Contest

Back by popular demand! The grand prize winner will receive a full registration to the 2014 Educational Conference! Entries must be received by May 15th. Click here for details. And don't miss the Junior Avian Workshop at the conference in Portland!