Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are available for the following positions:


Regional Director Job Description

Regional Directors (RD) are the highest elected representatives to the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) that represent the different regions of the United States. They constitute the majority of the members of the AFA Board of Directors (BOD). The position of RD is one of the highest honors in the avicultural community that caries with it a great responsibility to that community as well as to the AFA. All RD’s must be an AFA member in good standing for the duration of their term. The duties of this professional level volunteer position as a board member of the non-profit organization are as follows:

Serve as an active, participating member of the AFA Board of Directors by:

  • Preparing a timely quarterly report for board meetings and additional reports as needed.
  • Attending all board meetings (face to face, teleconference, computer, or fax).
  • Preparing for board meetings by considering all issues before the board and providing responsible productive comments as needed.
  • Being prepared to vote on issues before the board by carefully reviewing the reports and recommendations provided on those issues prior to casting a vote.
  • Processing information received from the AFA Board, Business Office, President, and Executive Committee (EC) and distributing them in a timely manner to appropriate recipients.
  • Acting on directives from the AFA Board, President and EC in a timely manner.
  • Maintaining a written record of all AFA activities, including names of events, people, locations and dates, either in the form of a log and/or documents pertaining to each AFA related activity in which the RD has participated.
  • Presenting speeches in support of AFA and aviculture to both the avicultural community and the general public.
  • Referring all questions of procedure regarding AFA business to the AFA “Procedures Manual”.
  • Maintaining silence outside the board meeting on all matters of confidential AFA issues.

Serve as a link between the AFA Board of Directors and your region by:

  • Communicating with our State Coordinators on a routine basis, a minimum of once quarterly or more as needed.
  • Making sure that the positions that AFA supports are well understood and supported by your State Coordinators.
  • Assisting State Coordinators who are dealing with state legislation or regulations.
  • Assuring that your State Coordinators are provided with whatever materials or supplies that are needed for them to effectively fulfill their position.
  • Assisting in the training of all State Coordinators in the manning of an AFA booth and soliciting individual and club memberships.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the State Coordinators.
  • Securing a quarterly report from your State Coordinators.
  • Assisting State Coordinators in their work with Club Delegates.
  • Recruiting and recommending to the AFA Board of Directors responsible aviculturists for the position of State Coordinator for the states in his/her region.

State Coordinator Job Description

This position is about representing AFA and organizing AFA activities in your state. For two years you will serve as the communication link between the Board of Directors (BOD), Club Delegates and the individual members in your state. When you have questions about your duties or any other AFA related matters contact your Regional Director (RD).  All Coordinators must be an AFA member in good standing for the duration of their term The job requires that you:

  • Disseminate information. You are the communications link between AFA and local members. Make sure that your Club Delegates are supplied with promotional material for the AFA table at club meetings. (Refer to materials list) Make sure that Delegates are kept informed on time sensitive matters and are passing this information to their clubs.
  • Make regular contact with Club Delegates. Contact each Delegate prior to quarterly board meetings (monthly contact is recommended). Having club newsletters sent to you will help you keep aware of issues and events. You will also know if AFA material is being printed regularly.
  • Coordinate membership drives. Formulate plans to increase AFA membership. Coordinate membership drives with Delegates. Setup an AFA booth or display at local bird marts, fairs and seminars, etc.. Ask local Avian Veterinarians if you can leave AFA material in their waiting rooms.
  • Submit a quarterly report to your RD prior to board meetings. Summarize your activities. Include details such as names, locations, dates and results.
  • Be alert for any proposed state or local legislation or regulations that affects birds or animals. (Most laws say “animals”. This often includes birds). You are the first line of action against overly restrictive laws and regulations. You are the experts who can educate lawmakers about the pros and cons of what they are considering. Meet with your state and local elected & appointed officials. Provide each with some avicultural material to educate them about birds as pets and captive breeding efforts. Make sure to leave your name, address and telephone number. Put your name on the State Fish and Game, and the State Legislature mailing lists to be notified of any new laws or regulations that relate to all exotic animals. Obtain copies of proposed laws or regulations. Inform your RD immediately of any legislative or regulatory activity involving birds or animals. Organize efforts with your club delegates. Assist in writing informational letters and avicultural opinions with the delegates and club members. Always coordinate your efforts with your RD.
  • Be alert for changes to any state or local regulations or legislation that affects birds or animals. Actions needed are the same as for new laws or regulations.

Club Delegate Job Description

This is an extremely important link in the information network, providing a mechanism to promote and protect the interests of aviculture. All delegates must be an AFA member in good standing for the duration of their term.

The job requires that you:

  • Keep your club members current on AFA activities and critical avicultural information. Take a few minutes at the beginning of each meeting to give a summary of the information from AFA in Brief, Fast News and any legislative issues. Sometimes people do not have time to read this information and would otherwise miss important, time-sensitive issues and events.
  • Promote AFA. Encourage people to become individual members of AFA. Have a display table with AFA membership applications, Watchbirds and other promotional material at each club meeting and club special events. The material is available from the AFA business office as needed.
  • Have AFA in Brief and/or Fast News printed in the club news letter. This is information your club pays for with the membership dues. If the AFA business office has your newsletter editor's address it will be sent directly to them. Please remember to notify the office of any changes in mailing address. Some clubs have solved this by renting a PO Box so that there will be a permanent address from year to year.
  • Print AFA contact information in your newsletter. Print the name, address, telephone and fax number of your state coordinator and regional director in your newsletter as well as your own. Please remember to notify the AFA office of any change of delegates' names and/or addresses. A change of delegate must be sent by letter or email by the club president.
  • Keep in touch with your State Coordinator. It is important to let him/her know of any pending legislation, regulation (county, city or state) or smuggling activity. Inform the state coordinator of your club's concerns and any misinformation concerning avicultural or legislative matters.
  • Send your club newsletter to your State Coordinator and Regional Director. By sending the newsletter each month you will help them be more knowledgeable about your club and its members and their interests.
  • Advertise your special club events in classified ads. AFA gives free advertising in the classified ads for affiliated club-sponsored events. Please be sure that the information reaches the AFA business office before the 25th of the month, at least 4 months in advance.
  • You are a voting member of the AFA House of Delegates. As a Delegate, you are entitled to vote the consensus of your club's opinion on matters up for vote at the annual House of Delegates meeting at the annual convention that is held every August. You will also be asked for nominations for candidates for the Board of Directors. This is how the leadership of the AFA is determined.
  • Attend the annual AFA Convention. Work with your club to raise funds if necessary so the club can send its delegate(s). The annual meeting is where your club gives direct input into the decisions made by the AFA Board of Directors. The Board needs and wants delegate input.