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The primary goal of the AFA is the education and dissemination of information related to aviculture among pet owners, hobbyists, avicultural societies, zoos, veterinarians, research institutions, the pet industry and government officials. The AFA is concerned about the welfare and humane care of all birds, and we promote the establishment of the highest standards of avian care both in the United States and abroad.

The AFA also supports your rights to acquire, keep, breed, and sell birds in a responsible manner. The organization monitors proposed laws and regulations at the local, state, federal and international level that affect your future as an aviculturist and the well being of birds.

How is all this accomplished? The AFA is primarily a volunteer organization. Our efforts to ensure the future growth & development of aviculture are totally dependent upon people like you joining and supporting AFA.

The AFA believes that aviculture is a valuable conservation tool and that the caring for and breeding of birds in captivity is an exciting & fulfilling human endeavor.

AFA offers many different services to its members because AFA has so many different types of members.

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