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Periodically, the AFA's Board of Directors approves official position statements of the organization on issues relating to aviculture.

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Concerning the deregulation of the aviculture of any Indigenous Avian Species:

The AFA recognizes that precedent has been set in other countries for maintaining their own indigenous species in aviculture.

The AFA further acknowledges the precedent of the aviculture of certain indigenous North American raptors and accipiters, and that these birds are procured and maintained under a tightly controlled and scrutinized system by the appropriate federal and state authorities.

The AFA does not support the aviculture of indigenous avian species unless these species have been approved for captivity by the appropriate federal and state authorities.

The AFA feels that part of its mission is to participate in the aviculture, conservation, and scientific study of non-indigenous avian species, since there may be little or no scientific study or conservation efforts in the countries of origin. Indigenous North American species are already assisted by federal regulatory and oversight agencies concerning the birds’ conservation and study.