Position Statements

Periodically, the AFA's Board of Directors approves official position statements of the organization on issues relating to aviculture.

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Concerning Avian Legislative/Regulatory Issues:

AFA FINDS that its primary responsibility is to any avian issues that significantly affects its membership or their pursuit of aviculture. 

AFA SUPPORTS avian education, welfare, legislation and regulation that benefit its members. 

AFA OPPOSES legislation or regulation that may be detrimental to avian welfare.

AFA OPPOSES State and Federal legislation/regulation that set a precedent and may be detrimental to the keeping and breeding of birds.

AFA OPPOSES avian legislation/regulation that is redundant, vague, overbroad, unnecessarily burdensome or poorly written.

AFA OPPOSES legislation/regulation that may be economically detrimental to the avian industry.

AFA OPPOSES the imposition of unreasonable liability and/or economically detrimental legislation/regulation on avicultural events including, but not limited to, bird shows, seminars, conferences and marts sponsored by bird clubs or other avian educational non-profit organizations.

AFA RECOGNIZES that there are more than 9,000 species of birds and that it would be scientifically impossible to create and impose husbandry standards on a broad basis that would encompass the safe keeping for all species.

AFA OPPOSES the legislative/regulatory imposition of non-scientifically proven husbandry standards for birds.

AFA FINDS that avian purchase sources by a wholesale or a retail establishment is confidential and proprietary in nature. Combine with next statement as follows:

AFA OPPOSES, for security reasons, the public dissemination of addresses, phone numbers, or breeder/purchase sources for birds.