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Periodically, the AFA's Board of Directors approves official position statements of the organization on issues relating to aviculture.

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Concerning the Sale of Unweaned Baby Birds:

AFA recognizes that many conditions exist in which hand-feeding baby birds is necessary and beneficial.

AFA appreciates that successful hand-feeding involves a multitude of skills, experience and techniques accepted and established within avicultural industry practices.

AFA also recognizes that problems may occur if unweaned baby birds are placed with those who lack the necessary hand-feeding skills.

AFA acknowledges that hand-feeding practices are best learned from experienced aviculturists who mentor others in the proven techniques of hand-feeding baby birds.

AFA supports the transfer of unweaned baby birds to parties who are experienced in the art and technique of hand-feeding according to accepted avicultural industry practices.

AFA only supports the transfer of unweaned baby birds to responsible parties who provide proper care.

AFA recognizes that the welfare of unweaned baby birds is the personal responsibility between the parties involved in the transfer of those birds.

AFA does not endorse any legislative or regulatory intrusion on issues of personal responsibility surrounding the transfer of unweaned baby birds by attempting to define or qualify who can or cannot provide proper care or hand-feeding.