AFA Watchbird

The AFA Watchbird
Volume XLII Number 2

Cover Image:
Green-cheeked Amazon (A. viridigenalis)


Message from the President
Nancy Speed

Artist Biography: Tracy Taylor

Remembering Sheikh Saoud bin
Mohammed bin Ali Al-Thani

Goodbye to Joe Freed
Janet E. Nottingham

Feathered Beauty at the 2014 Convention
Julie Corwin

AFA Exhibitor Award Program
Gary Morgan, President NCBS

Pirate Parrots: When what we bought is not what we expected
Christian E. Olarte, Veterinary Zootechnician

"The Thing with Feathers"
Tom Marshall

Staying Connected - Person to Person
Jamie Whittaker

AFA's IDEA Program: Interactive Display & Educational Animal Program
Jason Crean, MA, MS & Susan van den Broek

COVER STORY: Amazon Parrots on a Tamaulipas Ranch (Mexico): 1996
Janice D. Boyd, PhD

COVER STORY: Amazon Parrots in Tamaulipas, Mexico: Back to the Ranch 20 Years Later
Donald J. Brightsmith, PhD and Ernesto Enkerlin-Hoeflich, PhD

Editor's Addendum

News Highlights