AFA Watchbird

The AFA Watchbird
Volume XLIV Number 1

Cover Image:
Galah (Eolophus roseicapilla)


A Message from the President
Jamie Whittaker

68th National Bird Show
Gary Morgan

Didactic Elective in Wild Psittacine Biology and Medicine
Brittany Schlesener

COVER STORY - The Galah: A Truly Iconic Specis
Jade Welch

ACTP: A Decade of Dedication
Simon Degenhard

     10 Year Anniversary of ACTP
     Dr. Cromwell Purchase

     Thank You to ACTP
     Director Ugo Eichler Vercillo and the
     Honourable Ezechial Joseph

2016 International Spix's Macaw Meeting
     at ACTP

Weather or Not?
Kateri J. Davis

News Highlights