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Fundamentals of Aviculture Level I

This online course provides a foundation for the emerging science of aviculture. It is presented in nine chapters ranging from anatomy and physiology to avian behavior; from laws and regulations affecting aviculture to how to provide proper housing and prevent illness of birds in our care; and much, much more.


Fundamentals of Aviculture Level II

The Intermediate Aviculture Course is offered in 15 chapters covering conservation and research, courtship and nesting, basic avian genetics, color mutations, hybrids, breeding stimuli, incubation, hand-rearing, non-parrot studies, basic microbiology, illnesses, first-aid, avian enrichment and more. Admission to this Level II course requires that all students complete Level I prior to enrollment. The introductory admission fee for the Level II course will be $75 for current AFA members. Non-members can also purchase a one year membership during admission. See the drop down options on the Payment page.

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Development was made possible by a grant from Pet Care Trust
and by funding and other support from the Schubot Exotic Bird Health
Center, College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University.

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